New Macbook Pro:请不要忽视开发者

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New Macbook Pro:请不要忽视开发者

3rdev 发表于 2016-11-2 07:45:15 | 显示全部楼层 |阅读模式
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New Macbook Pro:请不要忽视开发者 1

New Macbook Pro:请不要忽视开发者 - 敏捷大拇指 - New Macbook Pro:请不要忽视开发者 1

新的MacBook去掉了F功能区和esc(Vim用户可能经常用到),去掉了传统USB接口,留下四个USB Type-c接口,加大了触控板等,对经常“打字”的用户来说,可能并不友好。


“新Macbook Pro的一切都好像是为打字员设计的。触控板变得更小了,这样你在打字时手掌误触的几率也更小了。所有的按键也都变得更加舒服——更长的键程、压力克数更小、以及更舒服的触觉反馈。你不会再感觉自己就像在iPad那样的平面上打字一样了。以及不再使用TouchBar意味着你再也不必在打字的时候低头看了。”


“从这次发布可以看到苹果的勇气!他们的产品自从2019年使用独立的操作系统以来就没什么变化。2022年Mac Pro和桌面端Mac发布依赖也没有重大的改变,有人猜测,他们终于要做些重大更新了。”



“亲爱的Cook,你想过摩托车公司为什么要花费客观的资源组织比赛吗?现在,MacBook Pro和其它的MacBook产品线几乎有着相同的目标,更轻薄、续航时间更长等。区分它们的只有屏幕尺寸和很小的性能差异。”






New Macbook Pro:请不要忽视开发者 2

New Macbook Pro:请不要忽视开发者 - 敏捷大拇指 - New Macbook Pro:请不要忽视开发者 2

原文:Benjamin Button Reviews The New MacBook Pro
作者:maciej 翻译:赖信涛

Benjamin Button Reviews The New MacBook Pro

The new MacBook Pro shows that Apple is finally becoming serious about developers.

Gone is the gimmicky TouchBar, gone are the four USB-C ports that forced power users to carry a suitcase full of dongles. In their place we get a cornucopia of developer-friendly ports: two USB 3.0 and Thunderbolt 2 ports, a redesigned power connector, and a long-awaited HDMI port.

Photographers will rejoice at the surprising and welcome addition of an SDXC card reader, a sign that Apple might be thinking seriously about photography.

The new MagSafe connector is a bit of Apple design genius. The charging cord stays seated securely, but pops right off if you yank on it. No more worries about destroying your $2k laptop just by accidentally kicking a cord.

What hasn't changed: Apple has kept the beautiful Retina display, and storage and memory are the same as before. The new machines will be slightly thicker (to accomodate the USB ports) and 200 grams heavier, but it's not clear how this will affect battery life.

Interestingly, Apple has removed the fingerprint reader and its associated dedicated chip, perhaps assuming that developers would not comfortable with a machine they don't fully control.

The most obvious change is the redesigned keyboard. Removing the Touchbar creates room for a row of physical function buttons and, in a nice touch, an escape key. This isn't a perfect solution: the function buttons map to a confusing series of actions that can send windows flying around the screen with an errant keystroke, and the new physical off switch is too close to the backspace key. But it is certainly a huge step forward, and it will be interesting to see how software developers take advantage of this clever new feature.

Everything about the new machine seems designed for typists. The trackpad has been made smaller, so you're less likely to brush against it with your palm. The keys themselves are much more comfortable to type on, with improved key travel, a softer feel, and more satisfying tactile feedback. You no longer feel like you're tapping on the glass surface of an iPad. And not having a TouchBar means no longer having to look down at your hands all the time.

Despite the many improvements, Apple is actually dropping the price on its flagship 15" MacBook Pro by $400, another sign that they're serious about winning over developers.

The release is an encouraging sign of life at Apple, whose products have not seen significant changes since the company introduced a separate operating system for its laptops in 2019. There's even speculation that Apple may refresh its antiquated Mac Pro and desktop macs, neither of which have been updated since their release in 2022.

Rumors are also swirling that the company will add a headphone jack to its already popular iPhone. The announcement could come as early as this month.

—maciej on October 31, 2016




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